The roots of the Company began in the mid to late 90’s when two existing long term care therapy companies joined forces to create Valir Health. The philosophy was simple; deliver high quality patient care and “establish a higher standard” with everything we do. As Valir began to grow, the Board of Directors had the vision to develop Valir Health into a comprehensive healthcare company.

From inception, Valir has experienced growth in multiple ways but it has all been built on our commitment to Valir’s Mission Statement and Core Values. With Long Term Care Therapy as our cornerstone, Valir has added services to compliment our current position in the market place and meet our vision. Valir Healthcare Consulting and Billing was added to provide seminar based education, on site consulting and billing expertise to the healthcare community. With Long Term Care Therapy and Consulting and Billing Services working together with the same clients, Valir has been able to help our clients provide and or maintain a higher level of patient care while increasing reimbursement.

In May 2004, Valir purchased an 81 bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital in downtown Oklahoma City. We assembled a team of experienced professional that have attributed to our success. Our patient outcomes are among the best in the country.

Also in 2004, Valir began expanding our existing Outpatient Physical Therapy Services division. Since that time, Valir has grown from three locations to a dozen locations in Oklahoma, primarily in the Oklahoma City area. This expansion has positioned Valir Outpatient Clinics in the top tier of therapy clinics.

Our most recent addition to the Valir family of companies is Valir Hospice Care. The hospice division was added because we believed a higher level of service could be provided compared to what was out in the market place. Our team of caregivers is exceptional at handling the end of life process for the patient and their family.

Valir has become a market leader in each of the services we provide. The accomplishments of our company have become a reality because of the dedication, leadership and heart of our employees. Valir’s greatest blessing has been the ability to attract and retain high quality people. Each person working for Valir has been selected based on the same set of criteria. Each person must have a heart for patient care, desire to be a part of a team and always be looking for ways to improve and expand our company.

We look forward to servicing you as a client or as a part of the Valir family as we continue to build a bright future for everyone.

Valir Health is committed to Establishing a Higher Standard through integrity and compassion for all we serve.
Core Values:
  • Excellent Patient, Customer And Employee Care
  • Do The Right Thing
  • Teamwork
  • Respect For Others
  • Ownership Of Actions
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Strong Relationships